Friday, June 12, 2015

one set of Mcdreamy with one side dessert of Msdreamy

Hello. this is not my very first post on blogger. since i did blogging when i was in form 2 (14 y/o). i guess so. but for sure, i am a lazy blogger. VERY LAZY.

here i want to talk why my blog url is
this is because
1. i love coffee. i love it so much and i think i need to reduce my caffeine intake. coffee is not good for your brain people.

2. i love my Mcdreamy! derek shepherd from Grey's Anatomy. the fact that he died on season 11 is really heartbreaking :'( so, Msdreamy is for girl like me. hehe.

so, what I'm going to post on blog? I'm going to post my midnight thoughts for sure. yeah. i have a lots of midnight thoughts. it's like my brain didn't let me to go to sleep. it won't shut down. but i hate OVERTHINKING for sure. it will lead me to the sadness kingdom where i don't like being there. but that is life. there is yin and yang.

And i will do book review. maybe. I'm not quiet sure about the book review. since i rarely read when I'm back to college life. I don't even know how some students can read with the lab reports, assignments and tutorials to be done. But i will try. i will try, InsyaAllah. that's all peeps. thank you for wasting your time here. goodbye and have a nice day.